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New Passionate Leadership Looking to Serve Our Community

My name is John Frechette and Merrimack, New Hampshire has been my home since I was born. I remember walking in the Fourth of July parade when I was a young boy scout. Most of my fondest memories were created in Merrimack. Since my wife Mary and I loved the town so much, we decided to raise our family here too.

I was raised going to Catholic church learning the importance of family values, helping those in need, and serving my community. I believe going to church helped me form a solid foundation for my principles. When I grew up, I decided to follow my passion of helping others by becoming a police officer. I have been a police officer for over 25 years, with majority of my career serving the greater Monadnock area. Currently, I serve as a Lieutenant with the Wilton Police Department. It has been not only an honor, but more so, a blessing being able to serve my community for all these years.

I dedicate many aspects of my life to serving my community outside of being a police officer. In my church community, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus where I serve fellow members of the church and promote helping those in need. Every year my wife Mary and I volunteer at Royal Family Kids Camp, a summer camp for foster children. Being involved with the camp has been life changing and has opened my eyes to ongoing issues within our state’s foster care system. Lastly, I am also a member of Merrimack’s Heritage Commission and Historical Society. I believe in preserving and protecting our history. It is always important to remember how far we have come as a society since the founding of our country and what it means to be an American.

It has been my passion to serve members of my community who need protection as well as care. That is why I believe it is time for me to serve my community as State Senator for District 11. Dr. Matthew Thornton, a Merrimack resident, was one of the three people from New Hampshire to sign the Declaration of Independence—believing people had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Like him, I believe those rights are inherent and should be protected at all costs. I want to continue his patriotic legacy.

In today’s political world we are now seeing the results of having the same politicians in office for decades—which are no results. We need people in our state offices who have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly realities within our communities. We need more state legislators that stand by their core principles. We need more people in our state legislature who are passionate about our communities. The time is now to elect new government officials in order to facilitate new ideas and solutions. By continuously re-electing the same politicians we are neglecting our need for change. As a lifelong conservative, I have dedicated my life to protecting and serving the people of my community. I see it as my duty to continue my lifelong service to others by running for District 11 State Senator.

That is why I, John Frechette, want to proudly serve Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, and Wilton in New Hampshire’s State Senate.

District 11 deserves service, dedication, and care.

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