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New Hampshire is nationally known to have one of the lowest tax rates in the country, and I want to ensure Granite Staters that will never change. Many New Hampshire Democrats have proposed re-instating a state income tax, but with the current economic climate— I refuse to allow that to happen because I know many families who are living paycheck to paycheck who deserve to keep all the hard earned money they worked for.


Cost of living has skyrocketed between the cost of food, gas, oil, and rent. I see it as my duty to represent the New Hampshire working class and figure out solutions to help citizens keep their money in their pocket. One way to help Granite Staters is to cut down on government spending. Although New Hampshire passed one of the lowest budgets this fiscal year, I know we can do better and cut back more on frivolous government spending.

Election Integrity

It is our right as U.S. citizens to vote and to have a secure voting system. We deserve to know that our votes are accurately counted. We need to eliminate voter fraud and change our voting laws to prohibit non-U.S. citizens from voting. Right now, New Hampshire laws allow those who are residents of the state to vote, rather than U.S. citizens of the state. The term resident results in undocumented immigrants providing a simple lease agreement to register to vote versus providing a government issued I.D. This cannot continue to happen, as U.S. citizens we need to have faith in our voting system. Our current state legislators have let us down, so it is more important than ever to have someone in office to who truly cares about the American citizen’s right to a legitimate election.


I have been a police officer for over 25 years because I am passionate about serving and protecting my community. I believe the relationship between police and communities should be symbiotic. We must trust and support each other in order to keep our communities safe.

Laws regarding pre-trial release were changed in 2018. The new laws provide too many loopholes for offenders allowing them to roam the streets while they await their court hearings which can take weeks and sometimes even months to happen. Recent Senate bills to alter these laws have been rejected by the House. We need there to be a mandatory minimum sentencing. This would set a fines and jail time standard for certain offenses stipulated in the law; thus, removing the judges' discretion regarding lenient sentencing. 

We need to enforce the 3-strike rule to more offenses. The 3-strike rule enhances the level of offense and sentencing one receives for repeated criminal offenses. As of right now this only applies to some statues including theft where a third offense results in a felony and DWI where a fourth offense within ten years is a felony. We need to expand the 3-strike rule to other statutes such as domestic violence.

I have zero tolerance for crime. Those who are sentenced to time in jail must serve the entirety of the time given to them. We need truth in sentencing. A criminal offender should not be released from prison pre-maturely due to “good behavior” or overcrowding. More than half of offenders released from jail return to jail within three years of being released. Police officers are frustrated arresting the same offenders again and again. We are doing a disservice to our communities by pre-maturely releasing inmates.


Schools do not have the right to tell our children to wear masks and to get vaccinated. It has been scientifically shown, repeatedly, that children are the least likely to die or become critically ill from COVID-19 and are at a much higher risk to develop health issues from the vaccine. Children should not and can not be treated any differently in school based off their parent’s inherent right not to mask or vaccinate their child. Our schools have been promoting segregation not by race, gender, or sexuality, but by the simple belief of freedom—the freedom to not mask or get vaccinated. This segregation is not observed just in our state public K-12 institutions, but also in our state’s higher education institutions where a student cannot step into a college classroom without proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. The time is now to stop our public institutions from condoning segregation by those who believe in personal freedom.

It is a parent’s right to be informed and to have a say in their child’s education. Young children and teenagers are too naïve to know what they should and should not be learning. Therefore, a parent has the right to decide what their child should be taught. Schools do not have the right to teach children about critical gender and race theory. By teaching our children about critical gender and race do not prepare them for the work force. We need to be focusing on giving our children proper educational tools that will allow them to prosper.

Children from lower-income families are graduating high school at a significantly lower rate than higher-income families. Common core was initially implemented in our school systems by Democrats to lower educational standards to make it easier for children located in poor, low socio-economic communities who have no choice but to attend poorly funded schools to graduate. The common core has severely failed our children and now we have high schoolers reading at a sixth-grade level who cannot get a properly waged job out of school. I believe to offset this issue is to allow families in these poor communities to have a choice in where they want their children to attend school. I support New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Accounts. Every family has the right to choose if they want to send their child to the local public school or if they would rather choose an alternative route such as private school, trade school, Catholic school, or even homeschooling. We need all children to have an equal opportunity to succeed and to gain the proper education that they deserve. Children from lower socio-economic communities should not be shackled to their below average performing school system.


I believe every life is sacred. I believe abortions are life-changing decisions that can dramatically alter the course of a woman’s life. I am pro-life, not just because of my religious beliefs, but I believe there has been a growing mental health crisis that has not been addressed on both sides of the aisle. Many women who have had an abortion for the first-time are traumatized which exacerbates any pre-existing mental health conditions. We do not do enough to educate young women on what abortion is, the physical and the mental health effects associated with having one. There are resources for women to go to if they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, yet many women are unaware of them. We must promote these services that will help give pregnant women the tools and information they need. In today’s society, teenagers are sexually active; therefore, I believe abortions should be taught in the high school’s sex education curriculum. Since women currently have the ability to have an abortion, it is their right to be fully educated on what all their options are if they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

Ideally, I believe abortions should only be for rape, incest, and if the life of the mother is in danger. New Hampshire currently allows abortions up to 24 weeks, so if elected, I will fight to lower the amount of weeks abortions can be conducted while promoting accessible mental health services to women who have undergone an abortion.

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